Cvrcek Jr. confirmed his great form!

8th August 2019, Uhrovec/ SK

A great form of L Racing Team in not over which was seen last weekend on Jankovský Vrsek in a village called Uhrovec. Not a surprise that Slovak Hill Climb Championship (MSR PAV) has been led by them. Second half of the season brought racing teams just here, to a well-known Jankovský Vrsek, only a few kilometers far from Bánoviec nad Bebravou. 3700-meter-long track is famous because of its technical difficulty, this time there was even unstable weather. Fortunately, it always got better at the right moment and everyone could enjoy racing on a dry track.

Veroslav Cvrcek Jr.: „An amazing racing weekend has just finished. We were prepared for a big struggle of every single second, but we did not expect so strong and numerous groups of Polish hill climb specialists. I managed to break a track record in my first drive on Saturday which I had been holding for one year. But important was that I was three seconds before the second racer. I did not push the limit that much in the second drive and secured a very important win for me. The same story took place on Sunday. Although I was leading with a big gap to the second racer, I did not want to disappoint the spectators who were there in a huge number and very close to the track, actually just behind the barriers along the track and closer than anywhere else. I really enjoyed the drive and moved my abilities a little further again. Igor Drotar showed with his second-place a high level of Slovak championship. I give thanks to L Racing Team for great support.“







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