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Rexteam has tested their new Fabia R5

A few weeks spent with a thorough revision of the Skoda Fabia R5 has run very quickly and the excited team could finally test the new beast for the first time on the real stage.


03-18-2020 13:23:22

Cvrcek Jr.: „We would like to move Rexteam forward“

We have not heard much recently about Rexteam, a father-son rally team from a small village near Turnov..


01-25-2020 13:33:09

Cooperation with Skoda Motorsport

Veroslav Cvrcek Jr. accepted the offer of cooperation of a factory team Skoda Motorsport..


10-28-2019 08:24:41

Our services

We work hard, utilizing our many years of experience, and we can be very flexible.

We will prepare a top-notch race machine, provide servicing, arrange logistics, testing, catering, PR
and team clothing. The only thing you have to do is enjoy the fight
for victory.

Car rental

Overhauling, repairing
and developing your race machine with maximum thoroughness.


Professional assistance for your team: We can provide a car engineer, a technician or
a hard-working and experienced mechanic.

Renting a specialist

We can make your dream
of creating a race car come true.
We have already made several cars for our satisfied customers.

Car building

We consult, design, develop
and produce specific parts
for motorsport.

Parts construction

If you have a race car and only want to drive, we can arrange
the transport, organization
and servicing with our equipment, cars and spare parts.

Servicing during rallies

Our experience and diligence gained in motorsport is also utilized for regular car servicing and tire servicing.

Regular cars servicing

We also offer both regular cars
and race cars, spare parts
and accessories.

Sale of cars and parts

Our cars

A special race car for uphill races

Fabia RS 2000

The most modern race car by Škoda

Fabia R5

Latest evolution of the most successful race car by Škoda

Fabia R5 evo

Ex-works Skoda Motorsport rally car

Fabia Super 2000

A legendary factory car from the royal WRC category

Octavia WRC

Porsche 911 from the 1970s – an outright classic

Porsche 911

Our team

Ing. Věroslav Cvrček

Race driver
Engineer - technician

Věroslav Cvrček st.

Race driver


About Rexteam

Rexteam has been involved in motorsport for more than three decades. Since 2006, it offers clients complex services related to renting, building and servicing race cars. The team uses the experience and active participation in car races of Věroslav Cvrček Sr. and Věroslav Cvrček Jr. in its work.


Rexteam s.r.o.

Besedice 8 
468 22 Železný Brod 
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 605 214 323 
E-mail: cvrcek@rexteam.cz