Cvrcek Jr. dominated at Ozdanske hairpins

26th June 2019, Ožďany / SK

Slovak motorsport season continued with its summer program in the southern Slowakia last weekend. The shortest track of Slovak Hill Climb Championship (MSR PAV) took place in Ozdany close to Rimavska Sobota. L Racing Team repeated successes from last year in high style.

Only 2,85 km of a hairpin track in Ozdany was with tropical weather on Saturday and with rain on Sunday. Veroslav Cvrcek Jr. was, however, able to manage an amazing performance on both days. Czech driver was dominating the whole weekend and except for breaking a track record he also won both races before his biggest competitor Igor Drotar.

Veroslav Cvrcek Jr.: „We have finished a very successful racing weekend. Ozdianske hairpins are such a specific and interesting track. It is very short but difficult and varied. Our Fabia was working without any problems during the whole weekend and we could concentrate on the details of settings. I am really glad that I recognized every change in the behaviour of the car and also in the final time. I did not drive through one corner properly on Saturday and it was an obvious loss on that short track. The second drive was just perfect, I got better by two seconds and broke a track record by almost one second which I set up last year. Anyway, I could see a reserve for getting even better on Sunday. However, everything changed because of the rain. I had no idea about the behavior of the car, I had never driven in a rain with this car and with special hill climb wet tires either. That is why I started the first sharp drive with some respect. The beginning was quite careful, then I tried to push the gas a little bit more according to my personal feeling of the car. As a result, there was a great time and six seconds before Igor Drotar. The second drive‘s goal was just to come to the finish which is from the point of view of technics and racing not that easy as it sounds. Finally, I got even better and won by three seconds. It‘s simply perfect to win the shortest race of the year with the lead of almost 10 seconds. Both Saturday and Sunday victories are important for a season scoring. But these wins belong to the best ones which I will long remember. I would like to dedicate these wins to Mr. Liptak for his birthday. He has built a brilliant group of people – mechanics, drivers or business partners and it‘s an honor for me to be part of this family.“

Jan Liptak: „The result of a competition in Ozdany cannot be better. I enjoyed the drive-in Subaru by myself, so I am satisfied with my result and I am excited about an absolute win of Veroslav. All of our drivers did their best which I am thankful for.“







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