Both Fabia RS2000 in action

28th May 2019, Sternberk/CZ, Sliven/BG

The last weekend was quite busy for Rexteam. Plamen Kamburov decided for his following start in a hill climb race in Sliven. A canceled race of Slovak championship in Jahodna at Kosice was replaced by one of the oldest and most famous race in central Europe – Ecce Homo in Sternberk.

The plan was absolutely clear – to continue with the winning streak. Veroslav Cvrcek is on a good way to regain the title, after all… Unlike most of Slovak Hill Climb Championship races, there were only two training drives on Saturday and two sharp drives on Sunday. Although Veroslav showed some good times at the beginning, the race did not end up positively. He did not finish as he made a driving mistake.

Veroslav Cvrcek Jr.: „Ecce Homo was originally not in our schedule, so we promised to rent our Fabia RS2000 evo2 to Bulgaria, where we provide our cars during whole year. After the race in Jahodna had been canceled, the competition in Sternberk was announced. We prepared Fabia RS2000 evo1 which I was racing within 2016 and 2017. We set up the car according to our notices from a previous season. The cars are practically the same, engine, chassis, gearbox, body. The only difference is design and weight, this car is heavier. I would have been satisfied with the points for second or third place. I had a good feeling during the first trainings, the car was working perfectly and also the reached times were fantastic. My lead to other competitors was big. I knew the others would later push the gas little bit, but I had some reserves too. Unfortunately, all my chances were over after going through the second corner where I hit the curb and broke the front disc. It was possible to go on driving even if there was no wheel and the car was sliding on an axle. That is why I am sad that I saw a red flag circa two kilometers and had to stop. Unlike the others there was no leaking of liquids from my car and I guess I should have had the chance to carry on. If I exaggerate, I will say some drivers catch a fly on a windscreen and want to repeat the drive and are surprised the race lasts till 7 p.m. My car was otherwise alright, my mechanics brought me another wheel and I drove to the pits then. I am sorry I could not win after my mistake, especially because of L Racing and Rexteam mechanics who made a really good job preparing both Fabia cars. I can see a positive thing there – we can fight for a win even with a heavier car. And the second Fabia won the second race of Bulgarian Championship after each other.“

Jan Liptak, team manager (did not start in a hill climb race this time): „There is no reason to be angry with Veroslav who always does his best during racing. Some mistakes just happen, it is a normal part of motorsport. The only thing that really matters is that all the racers came home safe after the race…“

Plamen Kamburov, the winner of the hill climb race in Sliven: „I experienced an incredible race that weekend. Driving Fabia RS2000 on a dry track is just fantastic. We managed to win again. Even if Veroslav was racing in the Czech Republic, he was able to check my telemetric data and give me advice on where I could gain some time.“







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