Overall victory at Dobsin hillclimb!

24th July 2019, Dobšiná / SK

The season of Slovak Hill Climb Championship (MSR PAV) came to the most significant race of the year. Dobsin hill has been part of the European Championship for a couple of years and with unstable summer weather, it was also this year one of the most unpredictable competitions. An absolute win (within Slowakia) got without a doubt L Racing Team. The winner was again Veroslav Cvrcek Jr. with Skoda Fabia RS2000 prepared by Rexteam. He dominated all practice and measured drives and his win with a seven-second gap was clear.

Veroslav Cvrcek Jr.: „Dobsin hill is the most important race of Slovak Championship. The reasons are distance, atmosphere around it and technical difficulty. Because of a long track, relatively steep rising, high summer temperatures, and a long straight part, the engines are extremely strained. For drivers are common complications heavy rains and storms. This hill has never been the best for me. I could win the last two years here but my victories were close and reached after a hard struggle. This year I was driving very well from Saturday training. On Sunday sharp drive I managed to get a good time with a four-second lead to Igor Drotar. But nothing was sure because another storm was expected. Finally, we all had almost the same conditions, only several cars had to drive during the rain. I could make the gap to the second driver even bigger and the win by seven seconds is great. I give thanks to L Racing Team for their support. I am so glad I won an almost home competition with my team. Then I must thank my Fabia which worked without any single problem. I also thank Rexteam for the preparation of this car.”

Jan Liptak: „I give thanks to Veroslav for all good results. The hill is always nice and well organized. You cannot choose the weather, it was not easy at all this time.“







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