Rexteam has tested their new Fabia R5

15th March 2020, Bela pod Bezdezem / CZ

The first testing of the 2020 season is over for Besedice’s Rexteam. A few weeks spent with a thorough revision of the Skoda Fabia R5 has run very quickly and the excited team could finally test the new beast for the first time on the real stage. It happened on Saturday 14th of March on the roads of the popular testing area at AdventureLand near Bela Pod Bezdezem, Czech republic.

Behind the wheel of the most successful car of its category, Veroslav Cvrcek ml. and defending European Junior Champion Filip Mares were skipping throughout the test day. It presented the very first tarmac preparations of the year for upcoming asphalt events for both of them. “It was absolutely awesome to be behind the steering wheel of a race car after a few months. I have sat many times on a co-driver seat as a car technic within the last 3 seasons, but this time I finally sat at the driver’s side. And the first meters of the stage reminded me how great Fabia R5 is! I am very happy we were not suffering from any technical problem throughout the test, we just recognized a few details that we are already working on. I would like to say thanks to Jaroslav Vancik from Vancik motorsport because our new engine works perfectly and all our mechanics who worked on the car during the winter. I am now 100% sure our Fabia R5 is well prepared for the upcoming challenges,” says Veroslav Cvrcek ml. and continues: “I really appreciate Filip has accepted our offer to join us for testing on the tarmac. Except for the valuable feedback I had an opportunity to sit next to him and took up useful advice about controlling the car or using the torque of the engine. Hopefully, our cooperation will continue in the future.”

Not only motorsport is facing the worldwide pandemic situation, but Veroslav Cvrcek ml. stays optimistic. “Even though the beginning of the season is postponed, we continue to prepare everything according to our plans. In these days we are finishing the team truck and a new trailer which is able to transport two cars together. If the situation allows, we plan another pre-season test with our cars. I believe we will overcome these difficult times successfully and yet quickly. Then we will present our plans for the upcoming season to all of our fans. But first of all, our health and health of our families is the most important.”









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Rexteam has been involved in motorsport for more than three decades. Since 2006, it offers clients complex services related to renting, building and servicing race cars. The team uses the experience and active participation in car races of Věroslav Cvrček Sr. and Věroslav Cvrček Jr. in its work.


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