Servicing during rallies

We can service your car during races. We can organize transport, arrange testing, the use of our cars, team facilities, accessories and spare parts. Professional representation with a given number of mechanics, an engineer and a technician.

The possibility of ordering the complete preparation and subsequent overhauls and cleaning of the car performed in our workshops. All these services are individual and we will strive to adapt the whole program to give you the best race experience and to achieve the best result.

If you are interested, contact us and get an individual offer.

About Rexteam

Rexteam has been involved in motorsport for more than three decades. Since 2006, it offers clients complex services related to renting, building and servicing race cars. The team uses the experience and active participation in car races of Věroslav Cvrček Sr. and Věroslav Cvrček Jr. in its work.


Rexteam s.r.o.

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Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 605 214 323