Škoda Octavia WRC 04

Greatest achievements

Horácká rally 2005, Valašská Rally 2006, Rally Pelhřimov 2006, Rally Prachatice 2006, Labská rally 2006, Rally Hustopeče 2007, Rally Vyškov 2007, Rally Košice 2007

Second places
ADAC 3-Städte Rally 1999 (D), Rally Příbram 2005, Rally de Wallonie 2006 (B), Rallysprint Kopná 2006, Setkání mistrů 2006, Valašská rally 2007, Rally Rožňava 2008 (SK), Rally Santa Domenica 2013 (HR)

Third places
Rally Bohemia 2005, Pražský rallysprint 2005, Rally Rožňava 2007 (SK), Rally Vysočina 2009

Participation in the world championship

67th Rallye Monte Carlo, 33rd TAP Rallye de portugal, 46th Acropolis Rally, 41st Rallye San Remo – Rally d’Italia, Network Q Rally of Great Britain


Armin Schwarz, Jiří Volf, Emil Triner, Viktor Szabó, Xavier Bouche, Leoš Flídr, Jani Paasonen, Jean-Pierre van de Wauwer, Igor Drotár, Jan Štěpánek, David Komárek, Václav Donát, Věroslav Cvrček jn., Jan Sýkora, Silvestr Mikulaštík, Michal Kovalčík, Ivan Čibej


Number of bodywork: 04
Car built in: 1999 in Škoda Motorsport
Premiere: Rally Monte Carlo 1999
Minimum weight (limit FIA): 1230 kg



Type: supercharged inline-four engine with 2x OHC steering system placed at the front
Turbocharger: Garrett TR30R with an intercooler of compressed air
Capacity: 1999 ccm
Drilling / lift: 82,5 / 93,5 mm
Compression ratio: 8,7:1
Max. Power: 221 kW / 300 k at 6250 rpm
Max. Torque: 638,4 Nm at 3500 rpm


Transmission: 6-speed sequential Prodrive
Clutch: 5-plate carbon with a diameter of 200 mm
Front differential gear: electronically controlled
Center differential: electronically controlled
Rear differential gear: mechanical plate rear differential gear with improved lock-up


Suspension: special strut axle McPherson, bottom A-arms
Stabilizers: twistlock 
Shock absorbers: gas-liquid Reiger Racing with active Rebound control and coil springs H-R
Wheels: Speedline 8Jx18″ (tarmac),  7Jx15 (gravel), 5Jx16 (snow and ice)


Front (tarmac): 8 piston callipers AP Racing cooled with liquid, air-cooled discs with the diameter of 378 mm
Rear (tarmac): 4 piston callipers Alcon, air-cooled discs with the diameter of 366 mm
Front (gravel): 4 piston callipers Alcon, air-cooled discs with the diameter of 304 mm
Rear (Gravel): 4 piston callipers Alcon, air-cooled discs with the diameter of 304 mm


Type: electronic contactless ignition and multipoint fuel injection
Producer: EFI/BOSCH (motor), Prodrive/GEMS (differential gears)

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Rexteam has been involved in motorsport for more than three decades. Since 2006, it offers clients complex services related to renting, building and servicing race cars. The team uses the experience and active participation in car races of Věroslav Cvrček Sr. and Věroslav Cvrček Jr. in its work.


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