From successful Rally Bohemia to Dobsinsky hill

19th July 2019, Mladá Boleslav / CZ

Rally races and hill climb competitions are on the schedule of L Racing Team during the whole summer. Except for the traditional Slovak competitions there was also one in the Czech Republic last weekend, famous Rally Bohemia. And at the following weekend, there will be the biggest and the most famous Slovak hill climb race Dobsinsky hill.

Rally Bohemia was kind of a home race for Veroslav Cvrcek Jr. as it has the centre in Mlada Boleslav. For Rally Bohemia was also prepared Skoda Fabia, but an older specification S2000. For the second time was the co-driver Tomas Prokorat. Despite demanding conditions this team reached in a high competition 10th place absolutely and 8th place in class 2.

Veroslav Cvrcek Jr.: „At first, I would like to thank L Racing Team and all our advertisement partners for making my start in this rally possible. Even if we had a weaker and older car, we did not want to be a makeweight. We took intensive care of preparing the car, spare parts and fine-tuning the details. There was only one short test before the race. The officers prepared beautiful, demanding and in large part new stages. The changing weather made the situation even more complicated and almost nobody had the same tires. We were not successful with the first choice, we started with three middle slicks and one soft slick but it was raining during the first SS, so we used the other two soft slicks from our reserve and were going on with three soft slicks and one middle slick. It was raining almost everywhere and the track was full of mud. It was important for the rest of the competition that we could drive through without problems and without essential time loss. We took front wet tires for the following section, we left soft sticks on rear wheels. It looked like a good choice and we could drive quite good times. We had even the fourth-best time in one stage which was fantastic. It was caused because of driving faults of many other drivers before us who had a puncture during cutting off one corner. We knew where the problematic place was, so we avoided it. But more valuable were our results in two last stages of the leg – both times 12th. Also on Sunday morning, we could hold a good tempo, we were feeling strong support from the fans, we felt alright, reached 11th, 16th and mainly 8th time in the longest and most tricky stage of the whole competition. The second Sunday section was running in a great way and two 11th times in shorter stages were almost maximum which we could make with our atmospheric car on dry tarmac and hilly profile. It started raining before the second drive-through 22-kilometers-long stage Radostin. Some racers had soft slicks, we had middle slicks. The tarmac in the first part was incredibly slippery and we needed to drive almost at walking speed and be really careful of braking points. The adhesion changed essentially in later parts of the stage, we could, fortunately, adapt to it and use the perfect driving conditions of our car. It was a great 8th place at the end of the stage and a loss of 0,85s/km to the winner Kalle Rovanpera. Then the loss of only 7 seconds to the World Champion Kopecky and even a position before Vaclav Pech. Finally, we got 10th position. It was definitely one of the most difficult competitions I have ever taken part in and I guess we reached stable and good times. I thank my co-driver for amazing pacenotes, our cooperation was working perfectly, considering it was just our second competition. The support of L Racing Team and Rexteam was also important. Because it is our home race we could count on the fans‘support too. I believe we would be able to secure more starts in the future so that we can move further again.“

Jan Liptak, manager and driver of L Racing Team: „At first, I would like to thank Veroslav for a great representation of our team in Bohemia Rally. Then, I thank our business partners for making it possible to start here. However, there is going to be another soon. Taking into consideration a short distance, Dobsinsky hill is our home competition. We are going to take part in a high number and I believe we will be lucky both with the weather and with racing itself as well.“







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