Veroslav Cvrcek Jr. Slovak Champion!

12th September 2019, Trnava / SK

Slovak Hill Climb Championship (MSR PAV) finally has its absolute champion. The second season after each other is the winner Veroslav Cvrcek Jr. from L Racing Team. After a succession of convincing wins in this season, L Racing could already celebrate the championship past weekend during Todos Slovak Cup 2019 in Pezinská Baba. There is a competition in Ostrá Lúka remaining till the end of the season.

Famous competition in Pezinská Baba, initially canceled and later taken into the schedule again, took place in September. The conditions were pretty unpredictable because of unstable weather. It is not a piece of cake to drive up a 5100-meter-long hill, especially when you sit in a racing car. But L Racing and Rexteam mechanics prepared really unbeatable Skoda Fabia RS2000. Eleven wins out of thirteen races are quite a result. And the two other trophies came in Pezinská Baba at the weekend.

Veroslav Cvrcek Jr.: „We were eager to take the final step to regain the championship. It was not necessary to win, even being in the third position two times would have been enough. Still, it is not that easy to just finish the race. Although the car is perfectly prepared, there is a big risk of failure under those parameters. What is more, with the weather like that weekend also raises the possibility of a driver‘s mistake. Fortunately, nothing like this happened, I felt absolutely naturally in the car, it could drive through the corners precisely and reacted exactly as I wanted. As a result, I won four competitive stages which means two absolute wins. It has already been the ninth consecutive win and the eleventh one in total in this season. I am glad I haven‘t disappointed L Racing Team, Mr. Liptak and his family. We have built very strong cooperation during the past four years. I must thank Rexteam and my family for their support too, not only in this season.“

Final words of L Racing Team manager, Mr. Jan Liptak: „It‘s nothing easy to win Hill Climb Championship of Slovakia. Not even when you are so many seconds ahead of your competitors. It took several years, in cooperation with Rexteam, until we were able to race in a perfect car and have a fantastic and ambitious driver Veroslav. The championship did not come without any pain, there have been so many hours of work in workshops, offices and on difficult speed stages at really high speed. This is our second championship in two years and I believe we will experience more positive results. Denis was racing perfectly and if he is lucky, he will gain the title in A-class. I give thanks to everybody who participates in our sports successes.“







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